FestiWine Gala 2015

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A truly memorable event, the DubrovnikFestiWine Gala took place on April 23, 2015 at the Excelsior Hotel. This event was carefully planned years prior to the event itself and a team of gourmet specialists and sommeliers were gathered to ensure a truly remarkable event. 

2015 GALA


The guest chef was Tomaž Kavčič of the Pri Lojzetu restaurant, who worked together with Petar Obad of the Adriatic Luxury Hotels. Siniša Lasan, reputable sommelier and head sommelier of the Proto restaurant in Dubrovnik, introduced and carefully selected the wines, while the gourmet specialist and journalist, Rene Bakalović, led us through the evening.

The wines served were:

Malvasija dubrovačka 2014, Metković 2014
Pošip Kunjas 2013, Kunjašić
Rose Syrtis 2013, Volarević
Plavac mali 2013, Boris Violić
Lirica 2011, PZ Putniković
Moskar 2013, Mrgudić
Prošek 2010, Pelješki vrhovi PZ Janjina

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The entire proceeds were directed to sponsorship and further education of young talents of the Dubrovnik neretva county. 



guest chef tomaž Kavčić

host chef petar obad

sommelier siniša lasan

moderator rene Bakalović



Delicious Ikebana - classic Venetian Carpaccio with goat cheese

Raw scampi tails flavoured with basil foam

Panino with foie gras

Tuna fillet with orange oil

Homemade sausage tris alla cotechino


Served dishes

Homemade oven-baked bread with horseradish


Crazy sea

Anchovies, scallop ceviche, tuna tartare, mackerel in hot pepper sauce, sea fennel

POŠIP KUNJAS 2013, Kunjašić


Vipava harvest

Gnocchi alla carbonara



Calamari with semi-hard Skripavac cheese

Calamari stuffed with Dalmatian Skripavac cheese, olives and raisins,

creamy polenta with truffles

PLAVAC MALI 2013, Boris Violić


Sea Bass

with crunchy vegetables and Dingac ice-cream

LIRICA 2011, PZ Putnikovići

Sweet finale

Selection of quality cheeses

Traditional walnut roll with a modern aroma

Designer pralines

Sweet cheese with rosemary essence

Powerful chocolate with tender fleur de sel

PROŠEK 2010, Pelješki vrhovi PZ Janjina

MOSKAR 2013, Mrgudić

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That a bunch of grapes Rukatac with two smaller ones resembles as a body with two hands.
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