FestiWine Gala 2016

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The event that attracted many wine lovers and foodies is the 'Dubrovnik FestiWine Gala', which took place on April 28, 2016 at the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel. The entire proceeds from the gala went to sponsor the young culinary talents of Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

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As part of this culinary and wine spectacle, carefully selected fine wines of Komarna vineyard were presented, accompanied by amazing delicacies prepared by Zdravko Tomšić, chef at the famous Croatian restaurant Draga di Lovrana, which is a part of the JRE Croatia, the association of the most creative chefs and a part of the world renowned Jeunes Restaurateurs. Chef Tomšić, who is also food consultant for the Adriatic Croatia International Club, joined Petar Obad, chef at one of the leading hotel groups in Croatia, the Adriatic Luxury Hotels. 

Vinko Cvitanović and Luka Matić, the two young culinary talents who won FestiWine scholarships in 2015 and spent one month at the restaurant Pri Lojzetu – Zemono castle, assisted chefs Tomšić and Obad.

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Aleksandar Noršić, renowned sommelier and a member of the Board of the United States Sommelier Association, selected wines for this special evening. Carefully designed courses were presented by the renowned food journalist, Sanja Krmpotić. Radovan Marčić, one of the MasterChef Croatia jury members and a well-known editor and maritime writer, led us through the evening with his expert knowledge.


guest chef Zdravko Tomšić

host chef Petar Obad

wines presented by sommelier Aleksandar Noršić

menu courses presented by food and wine journalist Sanja Krmpotić

Radovan Marčić led us through gala dinning experience

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Plavac mali Rosé Syrtis 2015, Volarević

* Dandelion and potato soup with quail egg

and prosciutto hummus

* Roughly minced beef steak lightly seasoned with salt,

pepper, olive oil and fresh herbs

* Smoked sea bream fillet in olive oil, orange,

lemon and sage honey emulsion

* Tuna sous vide with wasabi and dijon mustard aioli

* Dalmatian ceviche


Pošip 2015, Rizman

* Goat cheese with Adriatic prawns, wallnut dressing

and pea sprouts

Rusula Rose 2015, Rizman

* Herb-crusted sea bass fillet with cherry tomatoes and

scallions on a bed of Savoy cabbage Dalmatian style

Plavac mali Terra Madre 2012, Poljopromet

* Beef tongue with prawns and wild asparagus filling

in sweetbreads sauce

Plavac mali Sv Roko 2013, Saints Hills

* Lamb shank in truffle sauce on celeriac cream

Tribidrag 2013, Rizman

* Fried artichoke, curd cheese foam, red wine powder

and lemon ice-cream

Plavac Mali Syrtis Gold Edition 2012, Volarević

* Puff pastry raviolo filled with Williams pear concasse

in gorgonzola foam

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The vines of Komarna vineyards, located in the region of South Dalmatia in the Dubrovnik- Neretva County, were first planted in 2008. The vineyards cover an area of 82 hectares. The soil is skeletal, composed mainly of limestone and very little earth, sloping up to 30%, with vines growing from the height of 250 m above sea level all the way down to the sea. The favourably positioned airy vineyards, facing south and southeast, have secured their winemakers the eco production certification. 92% of all planted vines are autochtonous Dalmatian varieties (Plavac, Pošip, Tribidrag, Maraština, Babić) and the rest are international varieties (Syrah, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Cabernet, Viogner). There are currently four winemakers from Komarna vineyards on the market (Saints Hills; Rizman; Volarević and Poljopromet); while another three winemakers have yet to produce their first wines (Modrozelena, Neretvanski branitelj and Deak). The wineries have established their own association - K7, which aims to control the quality of wines from Komarna vineyards and promote the common interests of the wineries and the development of rural tourism in the region.




Crljenak kaštelanski is actually Zinfandel, Primitivo and from the Italian region of Puglia?
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