Dubrovnik festiwine trophy

As part of the sixth Dubrovnik FestiWine 2019, judging of previously registered wines will take place. The wines are judged by the panel of judges, on the basis of their quality. Only the wines by registered independent winemakers, wine-growing (agricultural) cooperatives and winemakers’ association are eligible for judging.



Only the wines produced in accordance with applicable regulations, placed on the market on the basis of the decision issued by the authorized institution, and intended for sale, can be registered for judging. The participants are required to guarantee a uniform content of bottles filled with wine from the same lot. For each sample of wine participants shall submit at least four (4) of the fully equipped bottles (cap, label, capsule) of the original bottling (0.75 or 1.50 litres; 0.75 litres or 0.50 litres; or 0,375 litres for sweet or fortified wines). Each label on the bottle containing a wine sample should state the following: Dubrovnik FestiWine Sample - Not for Sale. Dubrovnik FestiWine will store the bottles adequately and with utmost care. Participants are responsible for any risk of deterioration during transportation or storage, especially if it is caused due to inadequate prevention. Each wine sample must be accompanied by at least one copy of the complete label. Wine samples are to be registered by means of a completed registration form, including all the details of the producer and the wines. In addition to the completed registration form, copies of the results of laboratory analyses, on the basis of which the wines have been placed on the market, shall also be submitted.
Randomly selected samples can be analysed in a certified laboratory. If the results of the analysis of a randomly selected sample do not match the submitted data, the analysed sample will be immediately disqualified, as well as all other wine samples of the same participant. The bottles of wine disqualified from the judging will not be re-turned to the participant, regardless of the reason for the disqualification.


Wine samples will be judged by an international jury consisting of multi-member committees / panels. The number of committees / panels depends on the number of wines registered for judging. The composition of the jury or jury panels shall be determined independently by the Dubrovnik FestiWine. The organizer is obligated to guarantee the fundamental principle of assessment, which is absolute anonymity, according to which the judges may not be familiar with the identity of the judged sample at any point. Wines will be judged by the method of 100 positive points. The judges will write their scores on the provided evaluation sheets, add up the points and sign the evaluation sheets. The final rating of wine is the average number of points awarded by the judge in the panel, after the highest and the lowest score have been excluded. In case of a defective wine a new bottle of the same sample will be opened and the judging of the sample in question will be repeated at the end of the judging of the corresponding category. In case the wine is found defective again, it will be disqualified from the judging.


By registering to wine judging / competition, the participants accept the rules of Dubrovnik FestiWine, and specifically the decisions of the jury as final. By registering the participants declare that they are owners of the labels and the content of the labels on the submitted bottles. Furthermore, they declare that they allow Dubrovnik FestiWine to freely publish these in Dubrovnik FestiWine publications and on Dubrovnik FestiWine website. Photographs taken by the Dubrovnik FestiWine can be used for PR purposes. Dubrovnik FestiWine agrees to accept valid and timely submitted wine samples, enter them in the official judging book, align the data identity on the registration forms, align the copies of the analysis results with the data on the bottle label, store the samples adequately, include the samples in the judging, process the judging results, provide and award adequate diplomas, plaques and prizes, announce and publish the judging results and submit them to each participant in the competition.





  • kozarcanin



    Jean Smullen






    Bojan Kobal


    Aleksandar Noršić


    Angela Muir


    Tihomir Prusina


    Quentin Sadler


    Rudolf Papac


    Franjo Francem

Prizes and awards

Based on the number of points received, the wines will be awarded the following prizes:

  • GREAT GOLD MEDAL:                     95 to 100
  • GOLD MEDAL:                                  90 to 95
  • SILVER MEDAL:                                85 to 90
  • BRONZE MEDAL:                             80 to 85
Each wine will be awarded a diploma containing the information on competition, wine and winemaker. If the number of prizes should be higher than 30% of total judged samples, the prizes will not be awarded to the samples with lower scores. Awarded wines will be entitled to carry a specially designed bottle labels. The bottle labels are the property of Dubrovnik FestiWine and may be used subject to the prior approval and the conditions of Dubrovnik FestiWine. Based on the judging results the following winners will be announced, or best-rated wines by categories in case there are at least five (5) samples judged in one category:

Dubrovnik FestiWine Trophy 2019.

  • Best-rated red wine
    Best-rated rose wine
    Best-rated white wine
    Best-rated dessert wine
    Best-rated sparkling wine
    Best-rated Plavac mali
    Best-rated Pošip
    Best-rated Grk
    Best-rated Malvasija dubrovačka
    Best-rated Rukatac / Maraština
    Best-rated Tribidrag / Zinfandel / Primitivo
    Best-rated red wine of Dubrovnik-Neretva County
    Best-rated rose wine of Dubrovnik-Neretva County
    Best-rated white wine of Dubrovnik-Neretva County
    Best-rated dessert wine of Dubrovnik-Neretva County
    Best-rated sparkling wine of Dubrovnik-Neretva County
    Best-rated wine of the wine region Pelješac
    Best-rated wine of the wine region Konavle
    Best-rated wine of the wine region Korčula
    Best-rated wine of the wine region Lastovo
    Best-rated wine of the wine region Neretva
    Best-rated wine of the wine region Komarna
    Best-rated Dingač
    Best-rated Postup
    Best-rated red wine at the recommended retail price to HRK 50.00
    Best-rated rose wine at the recommended retail price to HRK 50.00
    Best-rated white wine at the recommended retail price to HRK 50.00
    Best-rated red wine at the recommended retail price from HRK 50.00 to HRK 100.00
    Best-rated rose wine at the recommended retail price from HRK 50.00 to HRK 100.00
    Best-rated white wine at the recommended retail price from HRK 50.00 to HRK 100.00
    Best-rated red wine at the recommended retail price over HRK 100.00
    Best-rated rose wine at the recommended retail price over HRK 100.00
    Best-rated white wine at the recommended retail price over HRK 100.00
The results of the judging and awards by categories will first be announced at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, followed by the announcement in the media, after which they will be published on the Dubrovnik FestiWine website. Results for the wines awarded 70 or fewer points will not be published.



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