The most famous wine of Korčula is Pošip. It is indigenous variety of grape wine and it grows on vineyards of Smokvica, and also originally comes from Smokvica. Also it grows in vineyard Čare where it has spread and has been established. Pošip is relatively young sort of grape wine, it is more than hundred years old and was created by spontaneous crossing of two local varieties Bijela bratkovina and Zlatarica blatska. It was found by accident, in the wild, and gradually was cultivated and expanded, today is one of the most promising varieties of Croatian white grape wine in Croatia. The wine Pošip is full of flavor, it has high percentage of alcohol, characteristic aroma of dried Mediterranean fruit, golden yellow color, and it goes the best with fish, seafood and light meat dishes. The characteristics of this variety are early ripening, very high fertility, high-quality cider and wine. Because of these characteristics, this variety is being planted on other fields and vineyards beside Korčula. Because of early ripening and specific form of cluster this variety is suitable for drying on vine and that kind of process is perfect for producing dessert wines for which this grape variety was popular a century ago. This variety of grape vine is listed on the National List of Varieties and Croatian National List of Recognised Vine Varieties as recommended for the sub-region of Central and South Dalmatia.



That Plavac mali is the most numerous red grapevine variety in Croatia.
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