Instructions for competition

Dear winemakers,

below you can find detailed information related to the registration to the fifth Dubrovnik FestiWine.
We kindly ask you to read it carefully and to contact us if you should have any further questions
and/or suggestions.

All information below can also be found in electronic form on the official site of the Festival

Awaiting your registration, we thank you most sincerely for your interest and the confidence you have
placed in us.

Sincerely yours,

Dubrovnik FestiWine team



The content of the memo:




1. Dubrovnik Wine Week
During Dubrovnik Wine Week the Dubrovnik
restaurateurs will offer regional wines and
selected local dishes at special prices.

2. Central Wine Exhibition
The FestiWine Central Wine Exhibition
will take place on the 20th and 21st of April 2018 at the Sunset Beach in Uvala Lapad, Dubrovnik.

3. Dubrovnik FestiWine Trophy
International wine judging

4. Blind date
Pairing of the famous Ston oysters and local
wines on 18 April 2018

5. Guided wine tasting
Workshops lead by wine experts

6. FestiWine Gala dinner
19th of April 2018 hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik
Signature dishes prepared by a renowned team of chefs
and sommeliers. The proceeds of the gala dinner will
go to training of young culinary talents in pairing food
and wines through creative cooking and wine service.



Wine judging

Please find attached the detailed registration form for DUBROVNIK FESTIWINE TROPHY 2018 wine judging/competition including its terms and conditions.



Central Wine exhibition

The central wine exhibition, which will be organized at the Sunset Beach in Uvala Lapad in Dubrovnik, has a business, commercial and competitive character. The business character is reflected in attracting many wine professionals (retailers, restaurateurs, sommeliers, wine critics, journalists, bloggers) and enabling better communication with the winemakers. The exhibition’s commercial side is related to charging admission and wine tasting and organizing wine sales at the exhibition itself. The competition side consists in the fact that the wines will be evaluated before the exhibition by the international wine judges.


Accreditation / registration fee

Registered winemakers who wish to exhibit their wines will be accredited on the basis of the participation fee. Accreditation for winemakers will include the following:

  • Tickets / accreditations for two (2) persons
  • A fully equipped wine exhibition and tasting stand:

• tablecloth and an inscription with
the wine-maker’s name / logo
• ice bowl for white and rosé wines 
• corkscrew
• water jug
• palate cleansing bites
• spitoons
- space in the official brochure of the Festival for important
information and the list of exhibited wines
- use of storage for wine and other equipment
- share in the revenues from tasting fees
- wine sale service during the exhibition
- assistance by the local staff for the entire duration
of the exhibition
- closing dinner for two (2) persons
Exhibition participation fee:
EUR 300.00 + VAT for winemakers who register and pay
the participation fee by 12 March 2018
EUR 350.00 + VAT for winemakers who register and pay
the participation fee after 12 March 2018
The deadline for registration and fee payment is
23 April 2018
Shared exhibition stands are not foreseen. Registered exhibitors will be informed about all the details
regarding the delivery of wines to the exhibition in due time.


Admission tickets, coupons and glasses

The visitors will be charged an admission fee up to HRK 100, which will include twelve (12) coupons to be used for ‘paying’ the winemakers for tasting of exhibited wines. The winemakers will set the ‘price’ of tasting their wines at their own discretion, payable in coupons or free of charge. The winemakers will charge the organizer half of the amount collected on the basis of coupons after the Festival (the value of the coupon is HRK 8,33 including VAT, which means that the amount of HRK 4,17 including VAT is the amount per coupon owed to the winemaker). The recommended amount of wine for tasting with coupons is 3-5 cl. Accredited wine professionals will participate in the exhibition free of charge, and will not be charged for tasting on the basis of coupons. All participants and visitors to the exhibition are required to use glasses foreseen for tasting, which are to be borrowed at the site at a deposit of HRK 50,00 (VAT inclusive). The deposit must be paid in cash and will be refunded in full upon the return of the glass and submission of the deposit receipt.


Wine sale

During the entire duration of the exhibition, an occasional sale of exhibited wines will be provided in common storage areas and valid receipts will be issued. The sale prices shall be set by the winemaker, and the fee (commission) for the sale service shall amount to 20% of the sales price. The participation in the exhibition sale is not obligatory.


Closing dinner

The winemakers’ accreditation also covers the attendance of two persons at the closing dinner.
Please make sure to indicate on your registration form whether you will be attending the closing dinner and how many persons will accompany you.


Promotional material

Exhibitors are welcome to bring their promotional leaflets and brochures to the Festival. However, the exhibition space does not allow setting up your own roll-up displays.


Wine/gourmet workshops (guided wine tastings)

Guided wine tastings or wine workshops combined with gourmet workshops are tools that are especially effective in the promotion of wines and the development of wine
brands. If you, as an individual winemaker or a group of winemakers, wish to maximise the positive effects by showcasing your wines at wine and gourmet workshops during the fourth Dubrovnik FestiWine, we suggest that you contact us so that we can arrange the necessary conditions and organize everything in a timely manner.

Gala dinner

The gala dinner has aroused great interest of the media and our distinguished guests and is usually surrounded by extensive publicity. Winemakers who are interested in promoting their wines at the gala dinner should inform the organizer about their intention to do so at The organiser will then select wines for the gala dinner according to the order in which they have been offered. There will be 7 premium wines accompanying the gala dinner, and their respective qualities will serve as the basis around which the renowned chefs will create a 7 course menu. Each winemaker or a group of winemakers should donate a total of 15 bottles per each wine label, which will be included in the gala dinner menu. The number of guests at the gala dinner is limited to a maximum of 100. All guests at the gala dinner are required to pay for a ticket in the amount set by the organiser. The proceeds of the gala dinner will go to a one-month
training of two young culinary talents — waiters or cooks — in the guest chef’s restaurant. The results will be announced after closing of the Dubrovnik FestiWine.



Please contact us for any further inquiries and/or
suggestions at:

Phone:               020 448 180

Fax:                   020 358 008






Pošip is indigenous wine variety of Dubrovnik-Neretva County.
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