Wine region of Komarna

Komarna, a new star among the Adriatic vineyards, is situated to the left of the Neretva estuary in the municipality of Slivno. Until 2008 it was only impassable hill overgrown with brambles and thicket, and then family Štimac first came to the area and started treating this extremely steep and inaccessible terrain. Little by little, the other top Croatian winemakers joined them and today it is an area of 80 hectares covered with over 500,000 grapevines.
Komarna is the youngest vineyards in Croatia, and although it is placed under Neretva vineyards according to its characteristics it is much more similar to the peninsula Pelješac.

Certified organic production is mainly carried out in the area of vineyards Komarna and 92% of planted vines varieties in the vineyards are indigenous varieties (Plavac mali, Pošip, Tribidrag, Maraština, Dubrovnik Malvasija and Babic) and the rest are internationally known and recognized varieties (Syrah, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Cabernet, Viogner). Functionality, modern design and originality of the product, as well as market orientation are the basis of business policy of grape wine growers association "K7". Recognition in the market currently have four winemakers of vineyards Komarna on the world market (SaintHills, Rizman, Volarević and Poljopromet). The first winery is under construction and will be completed by the spring of 2014. (Rizman), while the other members of the association will soon start building theirs wineries and tasting rooms in the vineyards along the planned wine route, which should promote a common "brand K7". With common recognition, internal market control of quality wine vineyards Komarna, promoting common interests of wineries and development of rural tourism can create sustainability and prosperity of this region and its inhabitants.



Crljenak kaštelanski is actually Zinfandel, Primitivo and from the Italian region of Puglia?
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