Wine region of Mljet

Island vineyards are located away from the wine highways. Korcula is well known for a very long time, but the words about Lastovo and Mljet can't seem to reach main land. There, one can primarily enjoy in the beautiful landscape where the wines are being made and nourished.
The tradition of wine growing and wine making on the island of Mljet reaches back for centuries. Old Greeks brought the vines on the Dalmatian islands, followed by the Romans. Croatians that settled on these islands, including Mljet, accepted the vine culture and tradition. The monks can be credited for maintaining high ancient gastronomic reach in the following centuries. The establishment of the national park on Mljet requires a very careful strategic thinking and planning, including wine making as well. Limited resources clearly indicate how the strive should be towards excellent quality and the appropriate wine tourism.



That Plavac mali is the most numerous red grapevine variety in Croatia.
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